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The Coastal Health Alliance is an FTCA-deemed facility



EverGreen Team

Coastal Health Alliance aspires to be a leader in sustainable health care. We commit to limiting our impact on the earth, fostering healing for ourselves, our community, and the environment of West Marin.  

The EverGreen Team is a dedicated group of staff guiding our efforts to practice health care in a way that sustains natural resources and provides a healthy work atmosphere. Our goal is to be a model of Green Health Care, promoting health for people in the community while protecting the environment for generations to come.


Green Building
Efficient Design

  • Our energy efficient buildings incorporate solar panels, solar tubes, and skylights to bring in lots of natural light.
  • Non-toxic building materials were carefully selected including non-VOC paint and recycled rubber flooring with non-toxic adhesive.
  • Smart layout and design of offices and patient rooms makes for a pleasant atmosphere and carefully placed windows let light in where it's most needed.

Recycling & Resource Conservation

  • Over 25% of the solid waste generated in our clinics is recycled, including cardboard and mixed paper, plastic/glass bottles, packing supplies, ink cartridges, electronics and batteries. We also purchase recycled-content office supplies and paper.
  • We conserve water by using low flow toilets. Drought tolerant landscaping requires little to no irrigation.
  • We use energy efficient electronics, computers, and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • The recent switch to Electronic Medical Records will save over 9,000 pounds of paper – saving over 100 trees each year!

Green Pharmacy Program

  • We take-back unused/expired medicines from patients, as well as diabetic needles and mercury thermometers for safe disposal.

Healthy People

  • Coastal Health Alliance is committed to providing health care for all.
  • Our providers and staff receive education and training on sustainability in health care and our green practices provide a healthier clinical environment for staff and patients.

Partnerships and Recognition
The Teleosis Institute ( helped us develop our Green Health Care and Green Pharmacy Programs.

CHA EverGreen Team Members:

Dr. Mike Witte
Dr. Rich Schiller
Alicia Avalos
Anna O’Malley