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The Coastal Health Alliance is an FTCA-deemed facility



Job Opening: Dental Assistant (Contract)

Exempt Status:   Contract
Salary Information: Commensurate with Experience
Supervision:Supervision received:   Reports to the Dental Director, Dental Services Coordinator, & Dentist. Supervision exercised: None 
Work Location:   60 Fourth St, #B Point Reyes, Station, CA
Working days:   Wednesday, Friday

Purpose of the Job:   
The Dental Assistant is responsible for assisting the dentist(s) and dental hygienist(s) in the direct provision of primary care dental services to patients of CHA Dental. Serves as dentist’s or dental hygienists chair-side assistant, prepares operatory for patient treatment, exposes and develops dental radiographs, assures that all patient records and documents are properly and accurately documented in the dental record, and participates in appropriate health promotion / disease prevention activities, both on-site and off-site as required. The Dental Assistant is also responsible for sterilization, preparation, inventory, and infection control of dental operatory, instruments and supplies.  In addition to general dental assisting duties is able to perform independent dental procedures as delegated and directed by the dentist in accordance with state regulation and law and CHA Dental directive and protocol.


Job Opening: Dental Services Coordinator

Dental Services Coordinator
Exempt Status:    Non-Exempt
Salary Information:    Commensurate with Experience
Supervision:    Supervision received:   Reports to the Dental Director, Staff DentistSupervision exercised: Dental Assistant. 
Work Location:    Coastal Health Alliance
Work Days:    Wednesday, Friday, plus one.

Purpose of the Job:

The Dental Services Coordinator is responsible for liaison between the Coastal Health Alliance Dental Clinic (CHA Dental), CHA staff and patients. Manages back office clinic operations and patient services to ensure that the patient flow operates efficiently, effectively, and support the staff in delivering high quality oral health care.  Supervises, the dental assistant, ensures appropriate staffing for clinical support. Arranges for evaluation of back office support staff for adherence to all policies and standards.  Collaborates on staff scheduling, productivity, and operational improvement and management issues. Answers phones, greets, registers and schedules patients. Updates patient identification, contact, insurance and eligibility information. Assists patients or arranges for assistance with applications for insurance. Answers the patients’ non-clinical questions. Collects and enters data. Reports that patient has arrived to back office. Collects fees, as appropriate. Is responsible for checking and delivering encounters to billing department, is bilingual English/Spanish.


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Job Opening: Dentist (Contract Position)

Exempt Status:   Contract
Salary Information: Commensurate with Experience.
Supervision:   Supervision received:   Reports to the Dental Director and Executive Director. Supervision exercised: Dental Assistant. 
Work Location:    60 Fourth St, #B Point Reyes Station, CA
Purpose of the Job: The Contracted Dentist (Dentist) is responsible for providing clinical dental services and preventive dental care in a community health center setting.  The Staff Dentist along with the Dental Services Coordinator supervises the dental assistant and is responsible for patient care and the efficient operation of the Coastal Health Alliance Dental clinic (CHA Dental).
Working days:    Wednesday, Friday.